Inclus to enhance risk management and utilise expertise

Succeed in decision-making

50+ customers from various industries

We guide people to efficiently resolve challenges together

Save time

Reduce time spent on planning, workshops, and reporting to up to a quarter. For instance, value of time saved on risk management of a large project 88,000€ a year.

Reduce costs

Minimise the amount of realised risks in a project. In a 100 million euro building project, realised risks add millions of euros to the costs, and misunderstandings in expert organisations become costly.

Improve procedure quality

Create an efficient participatory process, which provides clear procedure recommendations and enables full utilisation of partners' expertise.

Risk management

Increased reliability for risk assessment
Esimerkki Inclusin riskienhallintatyökalusta
Reliability for risk assessments
Situational picture
Involve in planning
Utilise expertise
Speed up decision-making
Document participation
Utilise tacit knowledge
Learn the lessons
Achieve goals
Manage entities
Resolve challenges

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The mission of Inforglobe and Inclus is to enhance mutual understanding between people and encourage them to resolve complex challenges together. Inclus' mathematical systems analytic approach is unique, and the solution-oriented method saves time and enhances the quality of design. With Inclus' advanced technological tools and participatory methods humane challenges can be better-resolved in the future.


Sweco pm

With the Inforglobe tools, we have succeeded to minimise the time spent in workshops, as entire stages have been omitted, both in preparation, and in the workshop itself, not to forget reporting. In addition, the quality of designing has been enhanced by involving representatives of the customer, end user, and stakeholders.

Jukka Rautiainen
Sweco PM

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