State and public sector

Public sector reform and digitization is a growing global trend, often consisting of complex multi-stakeholder planning processes and multiple scenarios across the project lifecycle. By identifying and understanding key risks, projects can avoid unforeseen costs, regulatory complications, or deadline extensions that often occur.

Although risk management is often perceived as time consuming, difficult, and complex, it is essential to have an intuitive, participatory, and simple risk management process that encourage participation, collaboration, and effective action, regardless of individual stakeholders’ interests or working methodology. Using Inclus’ tools, it is easy to participate in effective planning for multiple risks and scenarios through a simple, intuitive, and engaging processes: our centralized data is easy to access and understand when it is most convenient for the individual. Engage your stakeholders with critical, visual data, collaborate and plan effectively by building common understanding.

Inclus provides numerous solutions that boost reforms and development work. Inclus is a reliable partner that has worked with The Finnish Defense forces, The Ministry of the Interior, Association of Finnish Municipalities, The Red Cross, and The European Blood Alliance. Inclus is currently involved in Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) processes in Libya, Myanmar, and Yemen.

Inclus also facilitated the 2020 Kultaranta Talks, hosted by President Sauli Niinistö and led by Risto Siilasmaa, which assessed the major impacts of COVID 19 on the economy. With only limited time for inputs, discussions, and outputs, Inclus provided a platform which gathered, categorized, and rated risks based on their short- and long-term impacts, the severity of the impact, and what could be done to mitigate it.

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Examples of projects that utilized Inclus

Risk management, participatory decision-making, and efficient measurement of cooperation in alliance projects

The partnership between Skanska and Inclus began in 2017, and this cooperation has since covered three major construction projects. The first joint project was the Valtari alliance, after which was the Ahvenisto hospital project Assi, and the latest cooperation has been the OYS2030 Future hospital project of Oulu University Hospital.

Transparency and reliability to decision making with Inclus

Sweco is an expert company on the built environment and industry and has cooperated with Inclus for over two years. Sweco has utilised Inclus' tools in several different projects.
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