Credibility and reliability to project decision-making

In need of a tool to support your project's decision-making and allow you to make transparent and reliable decisions participatively?

Decision-making can prove to be challenging, for choices are often made with deficient information and on a tight schedule. Successful project decision-making is systematic, transparent, and considerate of everyone's points of view.

The Inclus inquiry tool enables you to inclusively evaluate the development areas and focus on the most critical issues in decision-making immediately. With the data provided by Inclus, you can also more effortlessly define the objectives, ensuring all the project’s stakeholders are on the same page from the start.

The Inclus tool facilitates the addressing of difficult issues in the project and verifies the progress of problem-solving. This allows you to achieve the desired results and save time and money.


  • Design alternatives' assessment
  • Procurement decisions
  • Portfolio management
  • Project decision-making
  • Product and service development
  • Effectiveness assessments
Utilise expertise
Speed up decision-making
Document participation
Case example: Skanska
Alliance model

Riskienhallintaa osallistavaa päätöksentekoa ja tehokasta-yhteistoiminnan mittaamista allianssihankkeissa

Skanska is one of Finland’s largest residential property, commercial and production facility, and infrastructure constructors and project developers. Skanska Group operates in the Nordic countries, Europe, and the United States. In Finland, Skanska’s operations cover construction services, as well as the project development of residential and commercial properties.

The partnership between Skanska and Inforglobe began in 2017, and this cooperation has since covered three major construction projects. The first joint project was the Valtari alliance, after which was the Ahvenisto hospital project Assi, and the latest cooperation has been the OYS2030 Future hospital project of Oulu University Hospital.

Case example: Sweco
Risk management & planning

Transparency and reliability to decision making with Inclus

Sweco is a leading expert company in design and consulting, employing 2,500 people in Finland. Sweco’s experts design the cities of tomorrow, as well as a more sustainable society. As a result of their work, safe and healthy buildings, efficient infrastructure, and sustainable energy and water management solutions are created.

Sweco is an expert company on the built environment and industry and has cooperated with Inforglobe for over two years. Sweco has utilised Inforglobe's Inclus tool in several different projects.

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"With the Inclus tools, we have succeeded to minimise the time spent in workshops, as entire stages have been omitted, both in preparation, and in the workshop itself, not to forget reporting. In addition, the quality of design has been enhanced by involving representatives of the customer, end user, and stakeholders."
"In a situation, with multiple assessors evaluating multiple projects based on several different types of evaluation criteria, it would have been excessively laborious and time-consuming to carry out over 200 project assessments without the help of Inforglobe and their Multiview tool."
"The participants of the assessment process were amazed by the tool's user-friendliness and functionality. The professional contribution of the Inforglobe personnel, together with a functional tool, were an invaluable asset in the assessment process, in terms of both time and quality."

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