Evaluation promotes development, learning, and comprehension

In search of diverse, reliable, and structured information to support development and decision-making?

Evaluation contains systematic evaluation and data acquisition. It promotes learning, improves performance, as well as enhances your understanding of your customers and other stakeholders.

The Inclus evaluation software delivers reliable information in a clear format to support decisions and development.

The clear and visual results of the Inclus evaluation tool are easy to present to various stakeholders. Everyone's voice is heard, and development trends can be identified. In addition, tacit knowledge that could otherwise remain invisible can be obtained.

Evaluation can be utilised in various situations, such as, for an active or completed project, programme, procedure, plan, or operating result.

The basis of evaluation is the participatory process, which promotes the parties’ commitment to decision-making. It helps you make better decisions, develop your operations, and gain better results.

Customer feedback


  • 360° evaluation of project parties
  • Buyer and customer satisfaction
  • Process evaluation of projects and development programmes
  • Evaluation of end user experiences
  • Lessons learned and self-evaluation
  • Evaluation of procurements and service provider competence
  • Evaluation of service quality
  • Evaluation of designs and product development
  • Benchmarking
Esimerkki Inclusin käytöstä evaluoinnissa
Reliability for risk assessments
Situational picture
Involve in planning

From pilot projects to partnership


Creation of the first model for cooperation.

Mapping of development areas and challenges.

Further development and expansion of the model

Development of the software according to customer needs and expansion of the service.

Smooth partnership

Inforglobe technology house genuinely serves and resolves the challenges of the customers.

Request for a try-out or a pilot project

Pilot project from 4000€

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