Risk management

Efficient and transparent risk management

Wish to more efficiently identify risks and reach the set goals?

Risk management is a company procedure designed to minimise risks and concomitant damage. Successful risk management is proactive and well-planned.

Inclus enables you, together with other operators, to participatively define the project objectives, go through entities, and identify variables.

With Inclus, risk management and concomitant decision-making is carried out transparently, reliably, and in real-time. With Inclus, risk assessment can be performed remotely, which saves you time and money.

Inclus helps you detect risk management problems more efficiently. Therefore, you can identify development areas, and focus on the essentials. With processes created with Inclus, you reach your goals more precisely.

Risk management

  • Collection of risk data
  • Pre-assessment of risks
  • Visual summaries and presentation of risk data
  • Preparation of workshops
  • Planning procedures
  • Re-assessments and monitoring
  • Processing of risk data during project
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Reliability for risk assessments
Situational picture
Involve in planning
Case example
The digitalisation of risk management

AINS Group

AINS Group is a Finnish engineering and consulting company that helps its customers to succeed in building projects. A team of over 700 experts works in projects in the fields of construction management, structural engineering, and infrastructure construction in 10 locations around Finland, as well as internationally.

In 2019, AINS Group and Inforglobe started a long-term cooperation aiming to digitalise the risk management of all AINS Group's building projects.

With Inforglobe's Inclus tool, AINS Group can manage risks more efficiently by focusing all data in the same location, where it is visualised and stored from workshop to workshop. In the future, they aim to utilise this consistent risk management process in all the company's projects.

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Case example: Skanska
Alliance model

Risk management, participatory decision-making, and efficient measurement of cooperation in alliance projects

Skanska is one of Finland’s largest residential property, commercial and production facility, and infrastructure constructors and project developers. Skanska Group operates in the Nordic countries, Europe, and the United States. In Finland, Skanska’s operations cover construction services, as well as the project development of residential and commercial properties.

The partnership between Skanska and Inforglobe began in 2017, and this cooperation has since covered three major construction projects. The first joint project was the Valtari alliance, after which was the Ahvenisto hospital project Assi, and the latest cooperation has been the OYS2030 Future hospital project of Oulu University Hospital.

How does it work?

Inclus for risk management


Prepare assessment

Download list of risks from Excel



Invite participants to the assessment

The respondents fill out the risk assessment without registration.


Examine the results

Identify the key risks and differing views. Familiarise with the views and procedure suggestions.



Discuss the key risks with the participants

Form a common understanding on the key risks and plan procedures.



Document the plan automatically



Implementation and monitoring




Repeat the process quarterly.


Request for a try-out or a pilot project

Solutions for various industries

Customer feedback


"The Inclus tools have enabled us to extensively and efficiently crowdsource the expertise of the alliance for risk management. Inclus is flexible and their tools provide significant added value. I am very pleased with this cooperation."
"We manage risks with Multiview according to our values – together and better. With Multiview we can efficiently involve a large group of experts in a project's risk management. Thus, we can more easily translate words into action. The buyer of the construction project is the real winner, for the experts' time is valued and saved from the organisation of risk assessment to more productive actions, which take the project forward."
"Inforglobe's service and participatory software allows us to be assured, that in our risk management we consider multiple views. This improves the quality of the risk management culture and procedures."

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